When you bought your home, you may have envisioned entertaining both family and friends regularly. The kitchen may have the right features and the dining room may have enough space to fit lots of guests, but the living room could be lacking in features and qualities that make it an ideal place to entertain.

If you want to start inviting more people to your home so that you can host parties and get-together, you should get help from an electrician who can help you take on all the projects that will improve this space.

Install an Electric Fireplace

Entertaining a large crowd means that you will want to have desirable features in the living room, such as a fireplace. Putting in a wood-burning one is a major project and comes with health hazards, but it is also an outstanding addition when you want to bring warmth and a focal point to the room. It is also an ideal option for homes with children and pets because there are no dangerous fumes or flames.

Some electric fireplaces are demanding on electricity, so an electrician can inspect the living room to figure out whether you have enough power to hook one up or if more power capacity is needed.

Set Up a Home Theater

Another project that an electrician will be able to take on is setting up a home theater. This can turn your living room into the premiere spot for airing television shows on a weekly basis. The large picture and surround sound setup will also help you experience movies as if you were in an actual theater.

An electrician can help you pick a television, speakers and a subwoofer that will work for your home. Once you have everything on hand, they can create a layout and then install everything in the room.

Add Extra Outlets

When you want to hook up a television, lights, speakers and other media devices in the living room, you want to avoid feeling limited by the electrical outlets. Your guests will also appreciate when you have an outlet or two available for them to plug in and charge any electrical devices they may have with them. A simple strategy that you can implement is making sure you have two electrical outlets on each wall.

Hide All Cables

An electrician can install outlets and help you set up a home theater in your living room. But once everything is plugged in, you might have cables all over the ground, making the space look a bit messy. It is ideal to have a professional hide all the cables behind the walls or through other methods. For instance, it may be possible to attach the cables to the back of a television stand to avoid putting holes in the walls.

Broaden Lighting Options

One of the most important features of your living room is the lighting. If you have mediocre lighting, you will have a tough time creating an excellent setup in this space. A great solution is to add enough overhead lighting so that you can illuminate the entire room even if it is pitch black outside. But since you do not want an uncomfortable amount of light during the day, you should get dimming as an option.

For the television, you should get bias lighting that involves putting light behind the television. This will provide family and friends who watch the television with a better experience by minimizing eye strain.

When you are ready to more confidently welcome family and friends into your living room, make sure to contact the team of experts at Scott The Electrician to schedule an appointment for improvements.