An electrical outage can take your whole family by surprise. While it can be scary, it is important to remain calm and follow a few key steps to get power up and running in your home again. 

Check With Neighbors

The first thing you want to figure out is if the outage is only affecting your home or if it happened to the whole neighborhood. Check your neighbor’s house next door. If they still have lights on, then the issue is with your house alone, and you need to contact an electrician immediately to inspect your premises. If other houses have lost power, then the problem lies with the grid. The electric company should take prompt action to resolve the issue. 

Unplug Everything

Next, you need to unplug all electronics and turn off all the breakers. This should be done so that when power does come back on, it does not potentially blow out your fuses. You can leave one light turned on so that you know when power is restored. You should do this if you are concerned you will be without power for several hours. 

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